1. Michael Schreffler

    Anger Management: The 5 Relationship Killers

    At times, every marriage or significant relationship has times in which anger management would be helpful. Its pretty hard to live with someone and not get angry with them at some point. Interestingly, research has shown that its not the number of fights that couples have which predict if their relationship will last. It’s the attitude that people have towards their partner on an ongoing basis that tells how likely they are to stay together. Relationship researchers have found several types of anger management personality styles to be particularly destructive to a relationship. 1. Belligerent anger management reactions are challenging or angry in nature. You get the sense that the spouse is looking for a fight and would argue with whatever the other says, regardless of what they say. WIFE: Here’s an interesting article… HUSBAND: Can’t you see I’m trying to read? HUSBAND: Do you want to watch TV tonight? WIFE: So that’s all you think I’m good for, right? Sitting in front of the tube watching mindless TV shows all the time? HUSBAND: Of course not. What would you like to do? Maybe you’d rather go see a play instead. WIFE: Oh, like that’s supposed to make me feel...