1. luetkemj


    In the conditions of universal globalization, companies are expected to communicate and join forces with each other in order to keep positions in their area and to gain productive business alliances. Thus, board members frequently speak on the behalf of their company on the global level and attend global forums, conferences, and different business events. Though it does not mean that they are not supposed to take part in managing the enterprise: despite the fact board members spend a lot of time on business trips, they still have to take part in company’s life and offer justified solutions. Virtual data room simplifies this mission as it plays the role of a board portal effectively . A virtual repository give board members an opportunity to communicate with each other and to stay updated about the company’s latest news, regardless the place where they are. As the virtual room is accessible 24/7 365 days per year all over the planet board members have no reasons to worry about missing essential news or skipping important negotiations. Also, board portals are usually accessible not just via laptops or PCs but also in a form of application: all the information is accessible via mobile phones...