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Andalucía, a region in southern Spain that includes the cities of Córdoba, Seville, and Granada, takes its name from al-Ándalus, an Islamic polity on the Iberian Peninsula in the centuries before 1492. Al-Ándalus was the setting for interaction among Muslims, Jews, and Christians, and the rich tradition of art and architecture that developed there provides a window onto a fascinating history of write your essay inter-cultural contact, conflict, and collaboration. It is also a telling model for social, political, and artistic relations in the global present. This seminar studies the art and architecture of al-Ándalus from its beginnings in the seventh century to 1492 and beyond. Historians traditionally divide this span of time into smaller segments: the Umayyad emirate (756-929); the Umayyad caliphate (929-1031); the Taifa kingdoms (1031-86); the Almoravid dynasty (1090-1145); the Almohad dynasty (1145-1232); and the Nasrid dynasty (1232-1492).

Weekly seminar meetings will consist of discussion of assigned readings, presentations, and individual and group exercises. The seminar is offered concurrently with a similar course being offered at the University of Córdoba (UCO), Spain. VCU students will travel to Spain (May 12-20, 2013), where they will present the findings of their research buy essays online and visit buildings, archaeological sites, and museums pertinent to the content of the course. Student travel to Córdoba has been funded by VCU’s Global Education Office.

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